Týna Herink

The work of my friends

Taxidermy is not always a separate activity, but requires further cooperation. Although I’m based on the fact that I finalize each assembly myself, so I can’t do without cooperation of very artistically gifted colleagues. I would like to present our cooperation and their own activities.

Týna Herink

Týna is very artistically gifted and deals with painting, making various sculptures, and mainly carving into bones and trophies. Her most beautiful works include engraved motifs on hunting trophies. We also collaborate on many preparatory projects. A great success for Týn was her participation in the ETC in Budapest 2021, where she received an excellent evaluation of her fox preparation.

Pavel Brabec

Pavel has been dealing with taxidermis since studying at a secondary school and is trying to continue his education and improvement in this field. In addition to taxidermy, he also prepares hunting trophies for the skull. His work is already at a professional level and we collaborate on many projects together. His greatest achievement was attending ETC 2021 in Budapest, where he had a great success with his Axis deer preparation.

Josef Langmajer

Josef is a professional carver and his work is one of the best and most interesting in the Czech Republic. His works combine the art of working with wood and it does not contain unnecessary complexity. Thanks to this, his work contrasts perfectly with the preparation. His slide pads are an excellent compromise of quality and simplicity. Our cooperation is long-term and I really appreciate it.

Petr Skořepa

In his spare time, Petr deals with fine arts with the theme of hunting. His specialty is carved pads for hunting trophies, which he produces in a non-standard way. Thanks to this, his pads are completely different from the others. Petr also creating paintings with hunting themes, including hunting trophies or wood.

Josef Teslík

In addition to hunting, Josef has other amazing hobbies and that is carving. He carries on classic carvings for hunting trophies, but also produces carved picture frames. The highlight of his work is the production of „cuckoo clocks“. The reliefs on his carvings are very delicate and intricate. His works combine high quality, which is worth long hours of concentrated work.